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Aluminous sand of the molten outlet channel of the electric arc furnace

In EBT electric arc furnaces for steel production, the taphole discharge chamber is placed vertically on the furnace floor. When the discharge valve is closed, this chamber is filled with special refractory sand, which prevents the penetration of melt into the chamber. After finishing loading the furnace, an electric arc is created and the melting process begins.

Apex ceramic

Ceramic apexes are anti-wear aluminum parts and their appearance is similar to a funnel. These parts must have very high cold compressive strength along with wear resistance. They should also have very accurate dimensions and angles.

Blocks of the air outlet pipe in the GNLA and GNLB copper complex converter

The methods of producing copper from ore include two main methods: pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy.

Cap block and protection ring

Atlas Ceram Desert Company has succeeded in producing Cap Block and Protection Ring with the best possible quality.

Chromite sands of Patil molten outlet

Chromite sands are disposable materials, so that after the internal and external nozzles are installed under the bottom of the pot, every time the melt is discharged from the pot, the sliding valve is closed and chromite sand is poured into the hole of the inner nozzle.

Internal and external nozzle of Patil

The inner and outer nozzles of the bottle are connected to the sliding valve system. A nozzle is installed on the inside of the sliding valve which is inside the bottle, which is called the internal nozzle of the bottle. Also, the outer part of the sliding valve also has a nozzle, which is called the outer nozzle of Patil.

Patil’s melted block

The function of the molten wall block of the blower is to protect and maintain the Prosplug. In order to remove the molten impurities from the bottle, a Prosplug is installed in the bottom of the bottle. Gas is blown into the melt through the Prosplug and causes the melt to be purified.

Power plant bricks

Atlassram Kavir company succeeded in producing power plant bricks and after receiving approval from international laboratories and with the help of Tavanir company and Niro Research Institute, and after installing in several power plants and receiving letters of satisfaction, it was placed in Tavanir's vendor list and is currently supplying these bricks to the entire country. to do

Set well block and split ring

The set well block and split ring are installed under the tandish container of Saba Steel Complex, cow head nozzles, the melt comes out from the two holes at the bottom of these nozzles and slabs are produced in the casting line. Well block and split ring are used for precise placement and installation of these cow head nozzles under the tandish container.

Tandish glassy brain

Atlasseram Desert Co., Ltd. manufactures Tandish glass bottle and supplies this product with the highest quality after receiving confirmation from international laboratories.

Tap hole blocks of electric arc furnaces

Atlas Ceram Company has been able to produce tap hole blocks for electric arc furnaces by using world-class technology and after obtaining approval from several steel companies, it can produce and supply these products, which include endbrick, surand block and tube block.

Turret blocks

Toir blocks were produced for the first time by Atlas Ceramkoir company using nano technology and supercooling method and were used in Sarcheshme and Khatunabad copper complexes.

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